I’m even more flexible now so that means I can slouch again.

I don’t like it.

I miss my perfect posture. 

I found out my spine curved a little again


I’m not scared for my surgery, I’m just not looking forward to it.

I know how painful it’s going to be, and as big of a prescription druggie I make myself sound, I’m not looking forward to being hella fucking drugged out of my mind again.

I don’t want to be completely dependent on my parents again, especially my mom. She has to sleep with me, take me a shower, feed me, like literally feed me herself….

And the pain… Not looking forward to that.

Oh, and the recovery process… Not being to bend down, or lift up the simplest of things…


I just want to get it over with.

dat backwards S though.

Anonymous asked:
you are really pretty :3 how is your back doing? i had my scoliosis surgery almost 3 years ago :) xx

thank you :)

well the scoliosis surgery part of it is pretty good! but i got a cyst on my scar and it got infected and it has given me a lot of trouble these past 3 months but other than that it’s like my spine was never crooked! :D

my surgery was barely a year ago.do you still feel numbness around your scar?

I’m gonna have a scar on my scar.

I was curious so I googled it…. Thank god my insurance covered it and that I got it done while I still had insurance.


There’s this spot on my back that hurts really bad. I keep joking around and saying that i pulled a screw (lol.) I don’t know though. It hella hurts.

This weekend I found out that my uncle’s wife had scoliosis surgery when she was 11. Pretty cool. Her surgery was 16 hours long and it was basically her whole back. 

I actually asked my surgeon if he could take a picture of my back during the surgery…. He did. He took 5 in total & they’re probably one of my most prized possessions. My camera still has the sticker with my name and medical id on it. 

There’s the screws and rods.

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Anonymous asked:
What were your spinal curvatures before and after surgery? How much did you grow?

Before i think it was 45 on the top and 25 on the bottom. I’m not sure what is is now, since I wasnt able to go to my 6 month post op app because I didnt have insurance anymore. For the most part, my back is really straight. I grew about 2 inches.. From being 5’1” to 5’3” I checked yesterday lol. 

Honestly, when I had to wear the back brace for my scoliosis, I hated it. The first day I got it I told my mom that I didn’t want to wear the brace, that I would rather get the surgery. 3 years later, I got the surgery.

 but yeah, getting the surgery was the best decision I’ve ever made. I wasn’t even worried about the “consequences” or whatever. Not even the small possibility of never being able to walk, or possibly dying. 

I just didn’t want to wear the damn brace.

I ended up giving the brace to my doctor so he could have it as an example, now I wish I hadn’t… just too see how it’d fit now. 

Oh well. I’ll see him soon since I have insurance again. 

9 months later (Taken with instagram)

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I still think it was pretty fucking cool that my doctor took pictures of me during my surgery.

I really appreciate it.